Why choose us

For the absolute best quality and affordable joinery services in Brisbane, choose Supernova Building Services.

At Supernova Building Services, we are experts in joinery – a skill that is similar to carpentry and involves the crafting of cabinets, doors, windows and more without the use of nails. Many offices, retail shops and residential complexes in Brisbane have sought our expertise in creating furniture and building fixtures that complement their building’s design.

We offer turnkey services in Brisbane

When outfitting your office or retail store, you may discover you need someone to build furniture or even a door or stairs for your office or retail shop.

Our turnkey joinery services are a convenient and affordable solution.  We can do this for you without the need to source someone else to do the job, saving you valuable time and money.

We often supply joinery services during office fitout, retail fitout or building maintenance projects. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering the whole package!

We have over 16 years’ experience

For the past 16 years as joinery contractors, we have built our reputation as a high quality professional joinery fitout company with an excellent turnaround time. As a CM3 registered business, we never compromise on diligence when it comes to health and safety.

We’re Brisbane’s premier joinery fitout company

Contacting Supernova for your Brisbane building maintenance, fitout and commercial joinery needs is the best way to consolidate your building’s repair and upgrading requirements. Since we do it all, there’s no need to call multiple companies to handle your work.

For the absolute best and most time efficient joinery services in Brisbane, we invite you to contact Supernova Building Services today!

Need proof that we can do it all? Check out our customer testimonials and previous projects.

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