Our commercial building services

Supernova Building Services offer high quality and affordable commercial building services in Brisbane, with expertise in office and retail fitout design, defits and building maintenance.

Our services are delivered quickly, efficiently and correctly with exceptional attention to detail.

  • We offer corporate office fitouts

    Whether you’re planning to update your office space or furnish an entirely new office, we will work with you to achieve your vision and deliver your office fitout project on time and on budget.

    Our office fitouts are designed to boost your business’ productivity with an ergonomical design and create a professional ambience that instantly gains respect from your clients, inspiring confidence in your business.

    To minimise waiting times and disruptions to your business, we install your office fitout quickly and efficiently, yet with professionalism and attention to detail. Our quick professional manner is complemented by our reasonable prices. That’s why we’re the first choice among Brisbane businesses that want commercial building services delivered as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

  • We offer retail shop fitouts

    Our retail shop fitouts will give your shop a customer-friendly atmosphere that encourages purchases and future visits. Whether you’re just now leasing a retail business or wish to give a new “face” to your current shop, we offer affordable commercial building services that transform your reputation and enhance your customers’ perceptions of your business.

  • We can maintain your building

    As experts in commercial building maintenance, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to properly maintaining an office or retail space.

    If you’re looking for reliable professionals who can perform repairs effectively and efficiently, we can help. No matter what type of building maintenance or repair work you need, we’ll get it done for you in the shortest time possible. If the repair is a high priority (such as a trip or fall hazard), we can provide a 3 hour time service.

  • We can help you with make goods/deficits

    Do you need professionals to help return your commercial building or office to its original condition at the end of your lease? At Supernova, our defit and building make-good service takes care of every detail. We leave no job incomplete – we will walk with you throughout the whole journey of your lease to ensure your building is restored to a pristine, pre-fitout condition.

We’re Brisbane’s commercial building services specialists

At Supernova Building Services, we have been performing office and retail fitouts, make-good and defit services and building maintenance in Brisbane for more than 16 years. We consistently offer competitive prices and excellent quality work that our customers can attest to.

For the best pricing and the highest quality commercial building services available in Brisbane, contact us now!

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