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Ceiling Refurbishment

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Tenancy Fit Out

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Recent tenancy fit out in Teneriffe. Works completed included demolition, construction of office spaces, dividing wall, painting, relocations, floor coverings etc. Contact Us for a quotation for your next de-fit or fit out of your tenancy.

15th September 2015 024

Bubs Fitout at Aspley Homemaker Centre

Our latest completed project at Bubs Aspley Homemaker Centre in Brisbane.

This was a complete fitout which included constructing inter tenancy walls, installing doorways, installing lights, flooring, counters, cubicles and relocation of security equipment.

Contact Us for a quotation for your next defit or fitout.
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29th July 2014 010

Tenancy Fitout

Scope of work included building compact offices, boardroom, meeting rooms, workstation space, reception and waiting area, kitchen, storage area and server room. This fitout included painting, electrical, data and lighting, joinery, floor coverings, air conditioning and plumbing.

Contact us for a quotation for your next office defit or fitout.

29th July 2014 01229th July 2014 01029th July 2014 011


Bathroom Refurbishment

Here is an example of a bathroom refurbishment with new wall tiles, floor tiles, vanity, shower tap ware and rail, shower screen and toilet. Ceiling, door and frame has been painted and new light fitting installed. Contact us if you would like a similar refurbishment to your bathroom.

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17th June 2014 005

Amenities Refurbishment

Replaced privacy lock.
Replaced and repaired tiles with replacement ceramic wall tiles.
Repointed and recoloured grout where necessary.
Repaired walls and repainted.
Removed paper towel dispenser and replaced with Dyson Air Blade hand dryer.
Replaced doors to WC with easy clean, vandal resistance materials.
Replaced tap ware with push button timed hot and cold taps.

17th June 2014 005 17th June 2014 004 17th June 2014 003

Kitchenette Refurbishment

Kitchenette Refurbishment

Kitchenette Refurbishment

Kitchenette Refurbishment