Office Renovation Cost

Office Renovation Cost

A lot of different things can factor into an office renovations cost, these factors must be taken into account when you are budgeting for your work and deciding what areas and elements you would like to focus on the most.
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Small Office Ideas

Small Office Ideas

Physical work space is one of the key factors that affect work morale, productivity and efficiency in most offices. The work environment plays a big part in creating job satisfaction for employees. A small office will mean that it will be more challenging to have enough spaces to accommodate all the employees’ needs and to even conduct a meeting with sufficient space.
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Office Renovation Ideas

Office Renovation Ideas

A good office renovation benefits a business in various ways ranging from boosting employee morale to leaving clients with a good impression of you and your company. Despite the expenses and stress an office renovation could potentially bring, it does pay itself off by offering plenty of advantages that bring positive effects further down the track.
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Office Design Ideas

Office Design Ideas

When you are planning on renovating your current workspace, it’s important to have an office design that suits your business as well as to ensure that your employees can carry out their work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
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76mm System

Open plan office vs. closed plan office: advantages and disadvantages

Having trouble deciding between an open or a closed office layout for your small office fitout? The truth is, each style comes with unique advantages and disadvantages. It’s all about matching your office space to your needs. We’re here to end the debate and help you choose the best office layout to suit your business. Read more

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How to make your office space fit your business

Are you a Brisbane business, looking to refresh your office with a small office fitout? Is your office in desperate need of a repaint, or perhaps even an overhaul of its layout, furniture and overall aesthetic? Read more


Building Services: Handy Tips for End of Lease Tenancy Make Goods

Are you about to move out of your commercial premises? A ‘make good clause’ in your tenancy agreement may require you to leave your building in perfect condition.

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Top Benefits of Building Maintenance

Routine building maintenance provided by professional building maintenance contractors is a smart investment to ensure your commercial property retains its earning potential for years to come. Here are four of our top reasons why investing in commercial building maintenance is a wise choice. Read more

office fitouts in Brisbane

A Simple Guide to Planning New Office Fitouts

Are you starting to plan a new office fitout, but not quite sure where to start? As in business, it’s smart to pay attention to the fine details.

As certified office fit out specialists, Supernova Building Services can help you think through the obvious and less obvious details of designing a highly productive office space. Our simple guide is designed to provide useful tips and tricks to help you plan your first office interior fit out effectively.

Set project goals

First, define the goals that will guide your new office fit out design. Will your office fitout design focus on:

  • Reinforcing your business’ brand? If your primary goal is to strengthen your brand, you’ll need to incorporate your brand colours, company vision, mottos and values into the layout and design.
  • Boosting employees’ motivation and productivity? In this case, you’ll need to research trends in ergonomic design. Look into strategies to improve staff morale through colour, lighting and space.

Create a detailed checklist

An office fitout project can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t keep organised. To start on the right track, create a comprehensive inventory of what your office will need.

Start by writing down how many employees will be working in your new office, and what they will need to perform their jobs effectively.

You’ll need to consider the following:

  • Staff equipment and furniture (computers, desks and chairs)
  • Telephone and power outlets
  • Artificial lighting
  • Natural lighting (e.g. windows)
  • IT infrastructure and internet
  • Heating vents and thermostats
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning, ducts and fans
  • Furniture for meeting spaces and reception areas
  • Equipment for amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Safety requirements, such as the proper placement of fire extinguishers, exit signs, sprinklers and smoke detectors

Decide on a budget

Often, your budget will be decided for you, based on your circumstances. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important to plan how you will manage your budget over the course of the project.

Look carefully at your checklist items and align them against your project goals. Now’s the time to decide on your priorities. What percentage of your budget will you allocate to each item on your checklist? Can existing office furniture be reused, or will you need to invest in new furniture and fixtures?

Create a blueprint of your office fitout design

Mock up a blueprint of your office fitout design. To enhance productivity, consider how you can make your office pleasant for your workers. Even if you have space restrictions, you can create the illusion of ample space with a few strategic choices. Will an open style, collaborative office enhance your employees’ workflow or will you need private spaces to work independently?

Seek advice from a professional office fitout specialist

To approach the office fitout design process logically, save money and save time, it’s best to consult a professional fitout specialist. Why? Consulting office fit out specialists can prevent your business from making costly mistakes that can unravel a complex project.

Here at Supernova Building Services, we can assist you through every stage of your project. With our proven expertise, we’ll ensure you achieve exceptional results that match your business goals, on budget and on time.