Office Renovation Cost

Office Renovation Cost

Are you looking to renovate your office soon? You must be looking at different contractors to find out the cost of their service. Depending on your budget, most people have a limited budget to renovate their office and this article will be helping you ensure that you can keep within your budget when looking to renovate your office. Read more

Small Office Ideas

Physical work space is one of the key factors that affect work morale, productivity and efficiency in most offices. Work environment plays a big part to create job satisfaction for the employees. A Small office will mean that it will be more challenging to have enough spaces to occupy all the employees and to even conduct a meeting. Even though a smaller space makes it harder to renovate, it is not impossible as long as you create a specific plan particularly for your type of business and company culture. Read more

Office Renovation Ideas

Office Renovation Ideas

A good office renovation benefits a business in various ways ranging from boosting employees’ work morale and leaving a good impression to clients. Despite the expenses and stress a great office renovation could potentially bring, an office renovation does pay itself off by offering plenty of advantages that bring positive affects down the road. A right-fit office renovation is not an easy task, and it requires proper and comprehensive planning beforehand. Read more

Office Design Ideas

Office Design Ideas

It is important to have an office design that suits your business as well as to ensure that your employees can carry out their work as effectively and efficiently as possible. It needs to be a place where employees can focus on their work. Do you know that your office design is very important in getting your employees focused? By following this article, you will be able to have an idea of what kind of design you want for your office. Read more

end of trip facilities in brisbane

Increasing popularity of end-of-trip facilities in Brisbane

Have you recently discovered that your major development in Brisbane requires an end-of-trip facility? Are you an organisation that is looking for a way to boost organisational morale and encourage health and fitness among your employees? Read more

Open plan office vs. closed plan office: advantages and disadvantages

Having trouble deciding between an open or a closed office layout for your small office fitout? The truth is, each style comes with unique advantages and disadvantages. It’s all about matching your office space to your needs. We’re here to end the debate and help you choose the best office layout to suit your business. Read more

How to make your office space fit your business

Are you a Brisbane business, looking to refresh your office with a small office fitout? Is your office in desperate need of a repaint, or perhaps even an overhaul of its layout, furniture and overall aesthetic? Read more

Building Services: Handy Tips for End of Lease Tenancy Make Goods

Are you about to move out of your commercial premises? A ‘make good clause’ in your tenancy agreement may require you to leave your building in perfect condition.

Here is a quick guide to help you move out of your leased space without frustrations or surprises. Read more

Ceiling Refurbishment

Images during work in progress. Read more

blog about building maintenance tips in brisbane

Top Benefits of Building Maintenance

Routine building maintenance provided by professional building maintenance contractors is a smart investment to ensure your commercial property retains its earning potential for years to come. Here are four of our top reasons why investing in commercial building maintenance is a wise choice. Read more